As we age, our skin begins to lose collagen, which is the building block to youthful skin. This lack of collagen and a loss of fat can cause our skin to lose its youthful plumpness, causing areas of the face and body to look sunken and hollow. In these cases, many patients turn to fat grafting to improve their facial and body appearance. However, fat grafting requires harvesting fat cells from another area of the body using liposuction, which results in a surgical site that requires recovery time. At CDAM, we offer an alternative to fat grafting, without the downtime: Allofill.

How Does Allofill Work?

Made up of naturally occurring allograft fat tissue, Allofill can be used to fill in hollow or sunken areas of the face, as well as areas of the body that patients wish to add volume to. Allofill is injected under the skin to immediately plump sunken areas where fat has been lost. This injectable works with the body to create a tissue scaffold which will use your own cells and blood vessels to support your skin. This process will help to keep your skin looking youthful and firm, even as your body ages.

Allofill Results

Results from Allofill are immediately noticeable after treatment. While many patients are happy with their initial results, a touch-up appointment may be necessary.

The Side Effects of Allofill

Following an Allofill treatment, patients may experience redness, swelling, bruising, pain, or itching at the injection site. These symptoms are mild and temporary, usually resolving within seven days. Patients who have a history of bleeding disorders or a history of severe allergies should not receive Allofill injections. A consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists can help to best determine if Allofill is right for you.

Schedule Your Allofill Consultation Today

With a quick injectable treatment, you can experience a more youthful appearance with Allofill. If you are interested in learning more about Allofill, contact our Chicago office today to schedule your initial consultation.