5 Qualities Patients Are Looking for In a Dermatologist

Posted on May 27, 2021

If you have issues with your skin, having the right dermatologist is essential. Just as with finding any other doctor, there are certain qualities you will want in a dermatologist. Here are the qualities to look for before you ultimately choose the doctor who’s the right fit for you.

Strong Communication Skills

Your dermatologist should have strong communication skills above all else. This helps the doctor to better understand their patients and express themselves when caring for their patients. Strong communication skills include the following:

• The doctor will listen to their patients.
• They will treat their patients with respect and work with them in creating a treatment plan for their issues.
• The doctor will avoid using overly technical terms that can confuse patients.
• The doctor has an easy manner and is approachable to ensure a good relationship with patients.
• They use a warm, conversational tone when speaking with patients.

An open, non-judgmental relationship with patients is important as it makes patients feel safer and more willing to share information with the dermatologist.

Caring Personality

A caring personality or good bedside manner always makes a good impression on patients. You will want to ensure that the dermatologist you’re considering has that type of personality. It can help you to feel more at ease and confident that you’re in good hands. If you feel that the doctor genuinely cares about you, it gives you a feeling of support. This is important for maintaining a good doctor-patient relationship and gives you incentive to continue seeing the doctor.


Of course, all doctors are busy. However, if the dermatologist is accessible to you even when they have a full, busy day, it shows that they care about you as a patient. In addition to being available to speak with you on the phone or through a virtual visit, the location of the doctor’s office should also be accessible to you. You won’t want to find someone who is too far out of your way. There may be times when you have a dermatology emergency, such as a rash. You will want to ensure that you can be seen even on short notice.

Provides Thorough Visits

The best dermatologist will listen to you for as long as necessary and will provide you with a thorough office visit. That means you should find a doctor who doesn’t simply rush you out of their office within 10 minutes. You want to find a dermatologist who will listen to you and check your skin thoroughly rather than cursorily looking you over and dismissing you.

Genuine Medical Care

Patients want genuine medical care out of a dermatologist, someone who knows how to properly diagnose and treat their skin conditions. You should look for the following qualities in the doctor you choose:

• The doctor advocates for their patients’ needs.
• The doctor takes their patients’ concerns seriously.
• The doctor is open and tells patients about numerous treatment options available to them and works with them to determine which is best for them.

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