Customize Your Skincare Routine

Posted on March 11, 2018

Shopping for skincare products can be a daunting task (to say the least). There are a seemingly endless number of brands and products. Beautiful Hollywood starlets advertise many of these in glossy print ads and on TV often making overambitious claims, promising the fountain of youth with pithy slogans (wink, you’re worth it!). At the stores themselves store attendants (with who knows what type of qualifications) push products promising dewy, youthful skin in a matter of days with a slew of expensive creams. What to do?

At CDAM, we offer medical grade skincare products and prescriptions for your skin that are customized by one of our board certified dermatologists. The skin, just like the heart or lungs, is an organ (albeit a very visible organ). Our dermatologists spent years studying the biology and structure and function of the skin. Drs. Cavanaugh and Kalimullah offer complimentary consultations and will formulate a skincare routine based on your concerns and their expert dermatologic assessment. The doctors will walk you through each product they recommend and elaborate on the active ingredients and how they will modulate your skin on a cellular level. Many of these products have been extensively tested in clinical trials, and have established results.  Moreover, because they’re formulated more like pharmaceutical products than typical cosmetics, these products (called cosmeceuticals) also tend to be made without as many potentially-irritating fragrances, extracts, and preservatives.  To demonstrate objective changes in your skin after starting your customized routine we take standardized before and after photographs.

Trust your skin with a trained expert! At CDAM we promise actual results from evidenced-based products, not gimmicks. Call CDAM today to book your consultation to discuss your personalized skincare routine!