What Is Ellacor?  

This first-of-its-kind FDA-approved technology utilizes micro-coring to treat skin laxity and severe wrinkling. Its tightening power has successfully been applied to jowls, lines around the mouth, and sagging skin around the chin. 

What to Expect with Ellacor  

Ellacor uses hollow needles to remove microscopic cores of skin from the chin, jowls, and neck. Treatments are performed under local anesthesia, with lidocaine injections. This quick process only lasts about one hour and leaves no scarring on most patients.  Typically, your downtime will only last up to a week, however, most patients are able to wear makeup within a few days of the procedure. 

Ellacor Results  

Ellacor treatment provides substantial results within a few weeks, however, full results are often visible after three to four months. The process removes around the same amount of skin as a facelift and helps gradually smoothen and tighten skin.

The Side Effects of Ellacor  

Ellacor treatments are performed under local anesthesia with lidocaine injections, so you may feel a tingling sensation immediately after treatment as the agent works its way out of your body. This feeling will subside on its own, but you may be left with some minor swelling, tenderness, and bruising for a week after. Some patients may also notice mild redness for a few weeks after treatment as well, though this can often easily be hidden with makeup or tinted moisturizers. Notify CDAM if your side effects linger for a long time, or if more extreme side effects become apparent.  

Schedule Your Ellacor Consultation Today  

Say goodbye to wrinkles in the most minimally invasive manner yet, and enjoy a wrinkle-free, youthful complexion. Patients located in the Chicagoland area who are interested in the latest technology can schedule an Ellacor consultation with CDAM today. Our doctors are here to walk you through every step of your journey to rejuvenation.