The Top Benefits of BBL Photofacial

Posted on April 23, 2018

During the summer, many Chicago residents spend ample time in the sun. Many are not aware of the damage that the sun is causing to their skin, even if only a short amount of time is spent outdoors. Over time, the sun can contribute to the formation of age spots, sun damage, and sagging skin, causing patients to look older than they are (which is why wearing sunscreen is a must). For those who wish to rejuvenate their complexion without downtime, BBL Photofacial may be the answer!

About BBL Photofacial

The BBL (broadband light) photofacial uses precise light energy to heat the outermost layers of the skin. This light is absorbed by targeted areas to simulate the production of collagen. With time, this collagen restores the skin’s health and beauty with smoother, softer, and stronger skin. This treatment can also improve a wide selection of skin conditions, including freckles, age spots, acne, uneven skin texture and tone, and vascular lesions.


While the BBL Photofacial can improve the overall look and feel of your skin due to the stimulation of collagen, it also boasts other major benefits including:

  • Tightens Skin
  • Corrects Sun Damage
  • Treats Age Spots

This treatment also requires no downtime, so patients can on with their daily tasks in no time!

If you are looking forward to going makeup-free this summer, but are unhappy with age spots and sun damage, the BBL Photofacial is for you! Contact CDAM in Chicago today to schedule your initial consultation with one of our board certified dermatologists.