With AviClear, we now have the power to target clogged pores, the direct cause of acne. Pores can easily be clogged by dead skin cells, oil, makeup residue, and dirt and this buildup leads to breakouts. At the Center for Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine, we are excited to bring the newest medical technology to our patients and help them achieve glowing, blemish-free skin.

What is AviClear?

AviClear is the first FDA-approved energy device treatment for acne, and it can be used to treat mild, moderate, or severe acne. The procedure uses a 1726nm wavelength laser that targets and suppresses oil glands in the skin. This is a completely non-invasive and minimally painful treatment; most patients have compared the laser to a slight snapping sensation like a rubber band. AviCool sapphire cooling technology will also keep your skin from overheating and protect the surrounding skin from damage. As a result, AviClear is safe and effective treatment for nearly all skin types

How Does AviClear Work?

AviClear uses laser energy to target the source of acne: sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands are found in the pores of your skin, and they naturally produce sebum oil. Although sebum is beneficial to your skin and keeps it hydrated, the overproduction of sebum mixed with clogged pores is the main cause of acne. AviClear laser treatment regulates the production of sebum to treat and prevent acne more effectively.

AviClear Results

A total of three monthly treatments are recommended for optimal results. After the third treatment, you should begin to see results. In clinical studies, almost 90% of participants saw at least half of their acne cleared within three to four months after treatment. Results will continue to improve for several months after treatment and can be maintained with a good skincare routine.

Schedule Your AviClear Consultation

We are excited to introduce AviClear at CDAM! If you want to target acne at the source for a safer and more effective treatment, schedule a consultation for AviClear acne treatment by calling our Chicago, IL office or filling out an online contact form.