What is Contour TRL Resurfacing?

Contour TRL Resurfacing is a laser intended to reduce sun damage or damage from environmental pollutants such as wrinkles or irregular pigmentation. In particular, Contour TRL is useful for the mouth or eye areas. Professionals tend to agree that the Contour TRL laser is among the safest and most effective technologies available for this purpose.

How Does Contour TRL Resurfacing Work?

Contour TRL Resurfacing works by removing a layer of skin from the surface. This is safely done as your physician can control the depth of the removed layer depending on your skin condition, goal results, and the amount of downtime you can have. The Contour TRL Resurfacing procedure is incredibly precise, allowing your physician to use the exact amount of energy needed to achieve your intended results.

In addition to removing a layer of damaged, dead, or unhealthy skin cells from the surface, Contour TRL stimulates new collagen production as your skin heals. This means that the skin will become thicker, more elastic, and more resilient to future damage. As you recover from the procedure, new, healthy skin cells will be produced for a completely refreshed and rejuvenated look.

Contour TRL Resurfacing Results

Contour TRL results in more youthful-looking skin overall, with a rejuvenated and healthy appearance. The treatment can be used to reduce irregular pigmentation or texture as a result of deep wrinkles, scarring, sun spots, actinic keratoses, or otherwise uneven tone or texture. Contour TRL is most commonly used to treat the face or neck. During a consultation, your best treatment option can be determined based on the condition of your skin and the area you wish to treat.

Immediately after Contour TRL, you can expect redness, swelling, and sensitivity, which most describe as similar to a sunburn. Most patients will see these side effects subside within about 7 days, though this can vary depending on the depth of your treatment. Noticeable improvements are typically seen within a week of the treatment, with your final results visible after 4-6 months as new collagen continues to develop.

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