Have You Heard of Halo?

Posted on October 24, 2017

Have you heard of Halo (and I’m not referring to the amazing Beyoncé song)? The Halo laser is the latest technological advance in skin resurfacing to lend your skin an angelic glow (much like the beloved Beyoncé). But what is the Halo difference?

Halo is the only laser that combines dual wavelength technology to give you both ablative fractional (2940 wavelength) and non-ablative (1470) fractional resurfacing in one treatment — the world’s first hybrid fractional laser!

Traditional laser treatments were previously categorized as fractional ablative (removing columns of tissue via thermal injury), or fractional non-ablative (thermal injury without removing tissue). The former was associated with longer patient down-times and fewer treatments needed to achieve results; and the latter was associated with shorter downtimes, but several treatments needed to achieve results.

The innovative, dual wavelength technology creates a synergistic wound healing response (collagen formation and skin tightening) in your skin that will buff out those pesky wrinkles and help remove those brown spots without significant downtime! In addition to that, Halo shrinks pore size and can help improve acne scarring.

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