The 5 Best Juvéderm® Treatment Areas

Posted on November 16, 2021

If you’re exploring your options with injectable dermal fillers, you’re not alone. Fillers are one of the most popular non-surgical treatment options performed each year, and they’re a quick and easy way to achieve rejuvenating results without downtime. When it comes to filler families like Juvéderm®, you can create a customized treatment plan that fits your goals best. As you plan your consultation with Drs. Kalimullah and Cavanaugh, here’s what to know about the best treatment areas for Juvéderm and how it can transform your look.

Juvéderm for the Lips

Lip fillers are one of the most in-demand dermal filler treatments. Whether because of genetics or a loss of collagen over time, it’s normal to feel like your lips are too thin for your face. There are a number of different options for lip augmentation with Juvéderm, so you can work with your injector based on your goals. While some patients opt for a more subtle, natural improvement, other patients want a defined and augmented look. No matter your goals, our injections team can help you explore your options. With the right approach, lip fillers can last for six months or more.

Juvéderm for the Cheeks

As you age, it’s common for the cheeks to lose volume and sink due to gravity. In fact, rounded, full cheeks are one of the hallmarks of youthfulness. Cheek fillers are one great way to achieve the look without invasive surgery like the facelift. Additionally, cheek fillers can help sculpt and define your profile even when aging isn’t a concern. Juvéderm for the cheeks can last up to 2 years, making it one of the most long-lasting filler treatment options.

Juvéderm for Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds (sometimes called parentheses lines) are the deep creases that run from the corners of the nose to the mouth. Although they can be the result of aging and a lifetime of facial movements like laughing, chewing, or smiling, they can also be genetic. Juvéderm can soften nasolabial lines while also preserving your natural expressions for around one year.

Juvéderm for the Mouth

Sometimes called lipstick or smoker’s lines, vertical lines around the mouth are a natural result of a lifetime of puckering from activities like smoking or using a straw. Soft dermal fillers are a great option for mouth lines when you don’t want augmentation of the lips, but rather correction of fine lines and wrinkles. Because the mouth is a very mobile area of the face, fillers here tend to metabolize faster. This means Juvéderm for the mouth can last about six months before requiring a touch-up.

Juvéderm for the Under Eyes

Tear trough fillers are one emerging area of dermal filler treatment. Although traditionally Juvéderm fillers are not indicated for the under eyes, expert injectors can create refreshing results with many existing Juvéderm options. With the right approach, they can smooth eye bags and fill in under-eye hollows for one year or more.

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